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Rosamond, November 7 – 12, 2023

A huge thank you to Cynthia Votava for the motorcade photos, and Moises DL for onsite photos.

Palmdale, November 9 – 13, 2022

Click here to view a time-lapse video of the set-up of the AV Wall in Palmdale on November 9, 2022. Lots of hard workers make this look easy!

Thanks to Z Axis Images for the video.

Check out more pictures here:

Alejandro Castillo Collection

Sgt. Guerra Collection

•El Centro, November 10-15, 2021

•Veterans Day, Palmdale, CA 11/11/19

•10th Anniversary Ceremony, Palmdale, CA, 11/09/19

•Veterans Outreach, 08/10/19

•National Vietnam War Veterans Day Dinner, 03/29/19

•Palmdale AV Wall Display, 11/8/18 – 11/13/18


•Veterans Outreach, 10/06/18

•AV Wall Committee BBQ, 09/15/18

•Palmdale Volunteer Appreciation Event, 01/24/18

•Miramar, 2017

•Montebello, 2017

•Chino, 2016

•Palmdale, 2016

•Bob Evans Tribute

AV Wall founding member, Bob Evans, passed away April 6, 2017.  We were blessed to have him as an integral part of our lives. Rest in peace, brother.